White Rat Art

Cat O Nine Tails

Cat Suit

Cat and the Fiddle


Let the Cat Out of the Bag



Integrated Circuits as Bees complete with engraved see through wings with a jewel between each wing complete picture is on a wooden support. Assemblage

Flash Back

Acrylic painting, Image Transfer, Collage and stenciling.

Brighton ?

Collage SOLD    


Coloured paper on a wooden backboard

Sail Away

Acrylic Painting on Paper. SOLD

In to the Storm

Acrylic Painting on Canvas. SOLD

Out of the Storm

Acrylic Painting on canvas. SOLD


Mixed media painting on card stock with the cat and fish as stencil with  the cat as a six part stencil. SOLD

Red vase

Red Vase is a heavily textured painting on canvas using egg shells, plaster string and stencils. SOLD

Is someone listening to our story

This mixed Media work is on card stock and is a meeting between the Crows and a Japanese lady; however someone or something is listening, why.


Is a rear painted Plexiglas art work

Turning Japanese

This painting was produced on Perspex that magnetically fixes to a backboard. I cut a stencil that is the face and sprayed onto the front of the Perspex, the green backing with the flowers is card stock which I stuck to the backboard.


This painting is on canvas and is produced by stretching a synthetic cobweb (these are usually sold at Halloween). Once stretched over the canvas you spray the cobweb with a small amount of water which allows you to smooth the cobweb on to the canvas. You can then spray through the cobweb with one or […]

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