Corporate Team Building

Corporate Team Building   As well as art demonstrations and tutorials I also carry out Corporate Team Building sessions based on art as a team builder. The photos below show a corporate team building session that I carried out for a major international company based on the Vincent van Gogh painting of Starry Night. This […]

Best Coffee in Eastbourne

The best coffee in Eastbourne can be found at Jasper Wood and also the Towner Art Gallery

Black a Non Colour

Of all the colors artists have had at their command throughout the ages, none has endured more reversals of fortune than black. Indeed, in his book Black: The History of a Color, published by Princeton University Press, historian Michel Pastoureau points out that for a few centuries after Isaac Newton’s discovery of the spectrum, around […]

Copy Rights

Copy Rights As digital tools transform the way artists find and rework images, the concept of what is fair use—legally as well as artistically—is becoming more complicated   ‘I think about so many things when I think about working with an image that I just can’t name it,” says Kelley Walker, when asked if he […]

For a great art group in East Sussesx

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